Combo (C)
W. Fried Rice And Egg Roll
C) Bar-B-Q Ribs 8.55
C) Beef Egg Foo Young 8.55
C) Beef In Garlic Sauce 7.95
C) Beef Lo Mein 8.55
C) Beef W. Broccoli 7.95
C) Beef W. Mix Vegs 7.95
C) Beef W. Snow Peas 7.95
C) Boneless Spare Ribs 8.55
C) Chicken Chow Mein 7.95
C) Chicken Egg Foo Young 7.95
C) Chicken In Garlic Sauce 7.95
C) Chicken Lo Mein 7.95
C) Chicken W. Broccoli 7.95
C) Chicken W. Cashew Nuts 7.95
C) Chicken W. Mix Vegs 7.95
C) Chicken W. String Bean 7.95
C) General Tso Chicken 8.55
C) Hunan Beef 7.95
C) Hunan Chicken 7.95
C) Kung Pao Chicken 7.95
C) Moo Goo Gai Pan 7.95
C) Orange Chicken 8.55
C) Pepper Steak W. Onion 7.95
C) Pork Egg Foo Young 7.95
C) Roast Pork Lo Mein 7.95
C) Roast Pork W. Mushroom 7.95
C) Sesame Chicken 8.55
C) Shrimp Chow Mein 7.95
C) Shrimp Egg Foo Young 8.55
C) Shrimp Lo Mein 8.55
C) Shrimp W. Broccoli 8.55
C) Sweet Sour Chicken 7.95
C) Sweet Sour Pork 7.95
C) Szechuan Beef 7.95
C) Szechuan Chicken 7.95
C) Vegetable Egg Foo Young 7.95
C) Veggie Lo Mein 7.95

Images might not reflect actual foods.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
We can alter spicy to suite your taste.
If there are any persons in your party, has food alergy, let us known.
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Chinese THAI & Veggie cuisine
Buffet 7 Days A Week
(717) 627-1111
Mon-Sun : 11:00am - 09:30pm
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